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Okoronkwo John Every true Christian should support the Democrats 3 trillion bill to give some money to illegal immigrants. Jesus would have supported it, why wouldn't you ?

Coldplay Crew Member Ben Farrey Death - Dead : Ben Farrey Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Come on California! get some balance in that state stop letting one-party rule your state especially with an iron fist like they
Marilyn Helton Encourage California residents to stay and fight. Don’t leave the State. Start getting everyone to go vote. Get rid of the bad apples. It sounds like there are many people fed up. Help each other fight!!

Sylvia Byars Many Latinos are true conservatives. Hard work is meant to support the home, not the state. Also many have deep religious loyalty. I
Kim Taylor Maybe California is finally figuring out the democrats have decimated their state

Patrick Goddard Death - Dead :  Patrick Goddard Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

kyle jamison Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : kyle jamison may have passed away.

Mikel Weisser Death - Dead :  Mikel Weisser  Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

sara hitchcock Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : sara hitchcock may have passed away.

Cheryl Okorofsky Death - Dead :  Cheryl Okorofsky Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Coldplay Crew Member Ben Farrey Death - Dead :  Ben Farrey Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Japanese-Mexican singer Gustavo Nakatani Ávila "Yoshio Death - Dead- muere :  Yoshio Mexican singer dies from Coronavirus.

Matthew Sloan Death - Dead :  Matthew Sloan Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Colin Bateman Deaths-Dead  / Obituary :  Colin Bateman may have passed away

dr charles rapp Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : dr charles rapp of vancouver wa may have passed away

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